The choice of the pack and play according to stability

Stability is an important criterion to be taken into account before purchasing a baby pack and play. Some baby pack and plays, like the feet of pack and plays, are often discouraged because they are not very stable. To guarantee little one the best stability, it is best to opt for wooden baby pack and plays. They are available in several shapes (rectangular, square, octagonal) and are both very solid and stable.

Types of baby pack and play

Baby pack and play with wheels

The playpen equipped with 2 or 4 wheels, of course, can be moved easily. Please note that the pack and play can be securely locked at a standstill. Because the baby box on wheels can be moved quickly, it is possible to vacuum under and around the pack and play and the pack and play can be variable inside or outside places in nice weather. Please make sure that your little one is not in full sun will look like if you put the pack and play outside.

Baby pack and play with bars

A baby pack and play with bar offers several advantages. Your baby may well look between the bars of the pack and play and gets an impression of the area. When your little one goes down, the child can learn to lean on the bars. Do not forget to adjust the base of the baby box down (if possible). Otherwise, a climb cause your child falls from the baby pack and play.

The foldable baby pack and play

A collapsible baby pack and play obviously saves space. A common fault is pack and plays for folding baby, that there are regular gaps and small gaps may be present between the bottom plate and the frame of the baby pack and play. These openings increase the likelihood that your child limbs get stuck. It is, therefore, advisable to first fold completely out of the folding pack and play and place it before your child gets it. The folding box is also called cot or travel cot.

Baby pack and play prices

The prices of the baby pack and play can vary greatly, depending on the brand, the quality and the presence of a drawer. The appearance, ease of use and the choice of materials are factors that determine the price of a good baby pack and play. The cheaper baby pack and play is probably not the best!

How to clean a pack and play for baby

Clean a pack and play for the baby requires cleaners that are safe for babies to protect them from the toxic ingredients.

If you were given a pack and play for baby or if you bought one in a garage sale, you have to clean it thoroughly before placing the baby in it. Buy cleaning products that are safe for babies and avoid harsh chemicals or uses simple household products such as sodium or water mixed with vinegar bicarbonate. The process for cleaning a pack and play does not take long, but depending on the amount of dirt, cleaning may require a little scrub.

Difficulty level: moderately easy

You will need

  • Cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Paper towels
  • Water
  • Spray bottle


1. Disarms the pack and play so you can effectively clean each piece. Remove the cover fabrics and wash them in the washing machine separately. completely dry them before putting them back in the pack and play.

2. Use a commercial cleaning product safe and nontoxic. Read labels carefully. Or, prepare your own cleaning solution with everyday household products. A simple method is to mix 4 tablespoons baking soda in 1 quart (0.9 L) of water and pour into a bottle with manual spray. Or you can mix equal parts vinegar and water.

3. Starts cleaning, spraying each section of the pack and play and then pat dry with paper towels. Spray larger areas first, then move to smaller pieces.

4. Take out the pieces of fabric to the clothes dryer. If there are parts that are still wet, take some paper towels and dry them.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure the pack and play is completely dry before reassembling after cleaning.
  • Make sure the cleaning solutions used for this task are out of reach of children while working. Ditch cleaning solutions properly when you have completed the task.


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