Garages can quickly end up cluttered, poorly organized and not very functional.

But there are practical improvements that optimize space and effectively store all of its stuff.

For lack of space, the objects of our daily end up in garages, often stored in the greatest disorder. Garden tools, sports equipment, small furniture … It is sometimes difficult to organize the space with those bulky accessories. And year after year, these coins lose their original function and become very quickly neglected by their owners when they could regain functionality.

Yet there are plenty of opportunities to elegantly manage these atypical pieces. Storage vertical, wall mounts, cabinets chic and discreet … The facilities offered by some retailers offer effective solutions to save space and find the necessary comfort to the practice of your favorite (sports, gardening …).

Metal tubes for storing height

When the garages have a reduced surface, store all your tools or other recreational accessories is not an easy task. So why not harness the available surface area and in particular to the ceiling?

  • The solution: two steel tubes are fixed to the ceiling possible to support the heaviest and bulkiest objects as a scale, a long-chair or even a surfboard.
  • Quick tip: Integrate your stuff which is used less(e.g. beach accessories). In the end, the space savings is substantial and you can even impress your surroundings by appearing to be someone organized!

Shelves and fixtures for a wide range of specific storage

The garage is often diverted from its first use and becomes a place where we stored all the gardening tools we hardly use during the winter season.

The search for these tools can then be a hell with no guarantee of finding what we want.

Like the sports dressing, gardening enthusiasts also have plenty of choice to store their tools in the most effective manner. The layout offers above a suspended system that fit baskets and all kinds of storage accessories. Shovels, rake, pruning shears … finally have an adequate place.

A telescopic frame to make room for your car

The crowded housing residents can no longer afford to use the garage as a simple storage. The system described above provides an effective solution to the problem of ran-ment. Easy to assemble a metal structure rests on the installation of a telescopic frame which is adapted to the width of each parking. Media have been built to accommodate a bike, sports accessories and even tires. Once mounted, the structure and consequently leave a space to insert his car.

Technical characteristics :

  • Auto Pack
  • Brand: Lodus
  • Portico L2,8 x x l2,05 H2,80: € 499
  • Mobile shelf 2 trays (x2): € 89 / unit
  • 2 door retractable wheels (x1): 79 €
  • Single Bike Carrier (x1): 29 €
  • Roof storage door (x1): 69 €
  • Mobile-everything points (x1): € 89
  • Recommended retail price: € 943 Auto Pack

Combination shelves and wall mounts to free up floor space

In order to accommodate a vehicle garages need to be well organized and especially to free up floor space. Garden tools, bikes and other accessories can be hung on the wall with metal fasteners. The rest of the device, in turn, should find their perfect place in open shelves or in cabinets for some more discretion.

Technical characteristics :

  • Brand: Castorama
  • Newton resin storage
  • 5 shelves
  • Dimension: l90 x D45 x H180 cm
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Recommended retail price: € 44.95

High cabinet

  • 3 tablets
  • L70 x D45 x H180 cm
  • Recommended retail price: € 84.95

Wall mounts across a section of wall for maximum optimization

Who has not dreamed of having a bike, tennis racket or handy ski accessories? With this arrangement, the entire wall surface is used in order to gain space and especially to better navigate in a room usually in shambles.

Thus, hiking shoes are arranged on a small wall shelf. The golf club was set with a small metal hook, same for the bike or skis. This solution allows giving back to the garage first feature while preserving the space dedicated to the car.

Technical characteristics :

  • Brand: Elfa
  • Price on request

Storage boxes in industrial style for a retro effect

This development should appeal to lovers of retro atmosphere. To find the old and authentic style, the method is simple: a standard shelf of old wooden boxes, varnishes and discrete ironwork and a lamp to the sober and warm lighting.

Functional, boxes arranged on that shelf are multiple dimensions and thus allow adapting to the tightest of parking spaces.

Technical characteristics :

Wooden box

  • Brand: Paragraph
  • Dimension: L35xH25xP22cm
  • Recommended retail price: € 14.90

Box with wooden cover

  • Dimension: 47x25cm
  • Recommended retail price: € 44.90

Storage box with lid

  • Recommended retail price: € 14.90

Average storage box with lid

  • Recommended retail price: € 29.90


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