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To make an investment, we must first know that we are getting water. Otherwise, there will be a negative result. An excellent investment you can make is aperture industrial embroidery business. This industry is very profitable, but it also has its drawbacks, first of all, we have an expensive industry. This is the guide for buying the best embroidery machine

That is, the initial capital to start has to be significant otherwise, you can stay in the attempt. And to commence in this industry, you must have the best embroidery machine that will ensure your future .. and this is where the dilemma of choosing which embroidery machine

Take into account that it will be the use that you’ll give to your device, because there the semi-industrial or industrial machines, obviously prices will vary and some have a choice and not others. That’s important to know.
The same brand can have both, Always ask first; you love .. If only for light work and plans, or to embroider anything on it

This issue of embroiderers in rather broad, ball and end criterion is respected, everyone … Let’s see .. Then best categorize most by origin of manufacture

Japanese Manufacturing machines:



These machines are novenas and are even getting the even price, possess a force in your stitch sewing layers where other machines do not penetrate embroidery

But, these machines have the disadvantage that they are limited in the embroidery industry today requires options. for example, his series are discontinued and you can only find devices used and that is a risk, that may become unusable and you will truthful in trouble after … So we can see other options.


Excellent embroidery machines are one of the pioneers in this industry. The only problem with these devices is that when damaged to do magic to solve their problem. They have excellent stitch machines there are still more than 15 years working. In the designs, we have to see that model, so we make them according to each device model, as the brother machine sew old model with more new stitches and compensation are different
It is something to adapt and give a good maintenance, so you have embroidered for a while.


Personally, I have had the pleasure also to work with these machines, but only for a short time, and what you can see are machines good embroidery and resistance, although the format of each design is different, and each has a different stitch, Presumably by its Japanese manufacturing are good too.


The most climates and desired by all, but their high prices many opt for something cheaper, if you have the budget to purchase one of these, I congratulate you, these machines work 24 hours every day …
Stitch quality is perfect; you do not need much yarn density and has a long service life apparently if you give a good maintenance, what you mean is often not damaged. With Tajima, you’re more than sure

Manufacturing machines from Korea


Excellent tools, similar to the pajamas, has excellent stitch quality and strength. The only thing is you spend more threads, and you have to make a special design for them, but nothing special, are spare and have a long life

Manufacturing machines from China


In recent years they have left a variety of new brands are countless brands that do not use the name of all, but what if it is that they are lower cost than those mentioned above.

There are many views on these machines, some good, some regularly and others appalling. Personally, I can tell you I’ve worked with amino three brands and have noted that the biggest problem is in the quality of your stitches.
Regarding his life, remains to be seen is what dilate as compared with recognized brands and only then we can determine whether they measure whether or not ..

Personally, I believe that with good maintenance can go far.

According to the embroidery machine I was invented in Germany, and therefore, the engine of German manufacture are the best but are much more expensive, they possess the high technology and quality, a resolution of 1500 ppm average speed – almost maintenance-free and have a useful life of more than 20 years. It would be good to inform yourself more about these




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