Save money they in which they identify and solve problems for themselves. A very common problem in a machine embroidery or with an embroidery machine is a thread break. The following articles will explain how to prevent problems, or it can resolve. The declaration includes everything relating to material, threads, mechanics and operation techniques to have the top embroidery machine on the market


The tensions of the threads must constantly be checked on the embroidery machine and set. If the little or insufficient pressure to the yarns utilized can lead to thread breakage.

If the voltages are incorrect, inaccurate or even out, it could result in thread breakage. The voltage should be in 2/3 ratio. The upper thread should have 2/3 of the voltage, the lower thread, however, 1/3. To check, they consider the embroidery back. The bobbin thread should be visible to a third there. In the case of problems also check before each separate setting the thread runs, to make sure that the thread passes right in the devices of embroidery machine. Embroider optionally a stress test. A 2cm large “I” or a 5mm stroke. If the thread is not threaded correctly, the embroidery machine will not embroider and only display an error code. If in doubt, it is recommended once completely unthread the upper and lower threads and again to thread properly.


Embroidery threads or sewing can be a big deciding factor for Fad0nebrüche and problems. Yarns have to embroider high quality, a lifetime. If this weather is exposed, for example. Air conditioning, wind, heat, cold, humidity, oily hands, etc., it can have adverse effects on the embroidery result. Test A real test to ensure the quality of the yarn is to perform a manual thread breakage caused. Tear off the yarn by hand, possibly. Compare a new embroidery thread of the same brand on the difference.

You can also participate in the embroidery that indeed new quality yarn with the same logo that had the problems that can embroider if the problems remain, it is a software or other equipment problem. If the thread breaks disappear, they have found the error.

Now and then it can also help the first 2-3 layers of yarn can be removed so that the previously protected from weather conditions thread emerges. Normally but far more yarn is unstable and causes Stick error. It is recommended the embroidery threads to buy in quantities which can quickly consume. Good storage in the embroidery is also to protect a real trick to the yarns. Let the embroidery threads in a box and enter this possibly. Even an extra in a sealable plastic box.


The embroidery needles are usually no reason for major problems. The embroidery needles have a very high load limit and durability. Nevertheless, these can dull or get minor scratches and bumps. Mostly through the embroidery of hard, dark fabrics. You can download the needle test in which you cant pull it with the tip of a fingernail. If you feel resistance, and the needle leaves scratch marks, this is no longer usable as Sticknadle on the embroidery machine. Since sharp embroidery needles are very reasonably priced, it is often better to replace all the needles once for embroidery in doubt. You should swap in a machine embroidery needles every 12 months once complete.


Certain materials require specialized digitization. A good digitizer should always know the equipment to which the subject comes before it draws up the embroidery program.

If the material that is not correctly clamped also be a cause of problems. The design or the embroidered patterns can also lead to significant problems if not programmed clean. Stick program creation is its high art in itself. It is crucial that it ran clean and perfect. When an embroidery program was wrong or not well programmed, it can lead to holes in the fabric to yarn breaks or other unpleasant problems. If problems occur during embroider errors that are not encountered in previous logos this is usually on a bad embroidery program.

Embroidery mechanic/technician

If they do not know themselves on the embroidery machine, further it is very helpful to contact an embroidery machine technician in advance by telephone. In many cases, you can repair some errors while embroidering itself with the help desk.

If you do not know how to go himself, the stick technician must solve the problem suburb. It is important that they describe the problem as good and detailed as possible. The tech can solve various problems on the embroidery machine only spare parts when it does not have some on hand; a new visit can be extremely expensive.


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