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‘The Resident’ Sneak Peek: Conrad Lies Under Oath When A Former Patient Files A Lawsuit

Conrad’s work gets on the line in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Dec. 3 episode of ‘The Homeowner.’ He decides to lie during his deposition when a previous individual submits a negligence lawsuit versus him.

Conrad is greater than a little drunk when he’s pulled right into a deposition in this SPECIAL preview of the brand new episode of The Homeowner. A former patient has actually filed a suit versus him. “Do not stress, you’ll be great,” Bell tells him. Conrad responds, “You have not always been on my side.” He has a factor. Bell informs Conrad that he is this time around around. Just how much these 2 have come!

Conrad enters into the deposition and also brand-new Red Rock attorneys follow him. These 2 attorneys appear like they’re fresh out of law institution as well as Bell looks a little worried. Conrad is questioned regarding the person that has filed the lawsuit, specifically regarding Conrad taking out the morphine. The lawyer confronts Conrad about quiting the morphine to push a confession out of the individual. “You gon na perjure yourself, you little b * tch?” the former patient complexities.

After the deposition, Nic and Conrad have a conversation. Nic asks Conrad concerning what he claimed. “I said Mr. Spiro was existing, that I provided him the standard of care,” Conrad says. Nic asks him whether that holds true. “The much less I tell you the much better,” Conrad informs Nic, who cautions him that if Red Rock learns that he’s existing then he’ll never practice once again.

“Does any person else know?” Nic asks. When Conrad remains quiet, Nic asks again. “Just Devon,” he quips. Devon might make or damage Conrad’s job and also these 2 are not exactly on the most effective of terms presently.

The synopsis for the Dec. 3 episode checks out: “Conrad comes under fire when a previous client files a negligence legal action against him, placing Bell in a tough setting with Red Rock. When Devon finds that his VIP individual has a serious brain problem, the doctors prohibit together to execute a dangerous surgical treatment. At the same time, Mina finds that Adaku (visitor star Erinn Westbrook) has a harmful heart condition that puts her as well as the child in danger, as well as Kyle develops a personal connection with a person.” The Citizen season 3 broadcasts Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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