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  • The signs that your air compressor failure
  • How to solve central AC problems of Air Compressor

The signs that your air compressor failure

Air Compressors overly noisy might need to be added oil to the crankcase. The remark of the problems and fix them before the problem worse can help you store your air compressor before unusable. Some of the most common problems that occur in air compressors contain fuses repeatedly blowing, in the exhaust air and hot oil air emission. Spot these signs before they become worse, and to take preventive measures. You may also want to opt for a portable air compressor. View portable air compressor reviews

Too Much Oil Consumption

If your compressor with too much oil, it can be caused by a limited air or oil spills. To solve the problems air restriction, replace the air filter. As you observe an oil spill. This can be determined by the tightening of the bolts or the replacing the gasket system. Increased oil can by worn piston rings to be replaced.

Fuses repeatedly

Repeatedly blown fuses may be a sign that your compressor is not.A of the easiest solutions to this problem is to ensure that you are using the correct size of fuse. Inspect the amps to be sure that you are using the right is. As the fuse is good, this may prevent a sign of a greater problem known as a motor overload the machine immediately link to severe damage.

Hot outlet temperature

If your compressor starts blowing warm air, this is probably due to poor ventilation or faulty components. Look at the valves to see if they are worn, and also inspect the head gasket. The gasket can be blown, which must be replaced. Another possible cause of an elevated temperature is reduced ventilation. Investigates the air filter to see if cleaning is required.

The oil in Discharge Air

If you notice that the air emitted from your compressor oil spill in, this could be a possible sign that certain parts of your machine are inactive or incorrect posted. Inspect see the rings that they wear in. Also, replace them with problem on losses. Also, it would lose mounting bolts of the cause, so they must be tightened. The piston rings can also be installed upside down, in which case you have to change around.

How to solve central AC problems of Air Compressor

Your air conditioner compressor uses a cooling gas for cooling and dehumidification of the air. A fan in the compressor blows the fresh air in your plumbing. If your air conditioner condenser is not running or cooling the air in your home, can detect an air conditioning service person and diagnose problems with sending your air conditioning compressor. To save you the cost of this for no reason, you can first solve the problem yourself in case the problem is easily solved.


• Check the thermostat to be sure it’s the “cool” setting. Make sure the environment temperature is lower than the current room temperature.

• Make sure the breaker in your breaker box for the compressor is turned off. When activated, there may be a short circuit in the unit or short circuit in a grounding cable.

• Turn off power to the compressor at the fuse box by flipping the switch that controls them. Screw compressor and remove it. Inspect the blower motor and wiring in the unit to see if anything looks burned or charred. Look for any cut or frayed wires.

• Try turning the fan with your finger to see if the turn. If the stick and does not move, you have a problem with the condenser fan, and it will need to be replaced.

• Check to see if the airflow to the device is blocked by debris. Check the condenser fan and coil are dirty and blocking the flow of air, and remove any dirt (if possible).

• Call your aircon service to other problems such as voltage, the current and refrigerant pressure to resolve your device if there seems to fit anything else.

That are all basic things you need to know about the air compressors. Hope you find useful information here. Good luck!


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