So, since July 7, 1992, the garage door system must comply with certain technical requirements including:
– A safety system must immediately stop any movement of opening or closing the door when this movement can cause injury to any person;
– When the security system is defective, the automatic operation of the door should be discontinued;
– The door control system must be voluntary and personal unless the design of the door does allow its use, even abnormal, creates no danger to people;
– The swing area of the door must be properly informed and be road markings;
– Any movement of the door should be reported, both outside and inside, by a conspicuous flashing orange light. Signage will precede the movement of the door;
– The door must be adjusted the same height of the outside and the inside to allow to reach easily.
Furthermore, the automatic garage door must be the object having maintenance and periodic checking at least twice per year. All activities (periodic checking, various works and repairs) must be recorded by the company responsible for maintenance, in a booklet of maintenance.

For automatic garage doors installed before 1992 the law requires that they must be brought into conformity with the safety rules. The safety requirements are:
– The door must be equipped with systems to stop its movement, or limit the force it exerts, in case of presence of a person in areas with late opening and late closing.
– The control system of the door must be voluntary and personalized;
– The displacement volume of the door must be properly informed and the clearance area should be road markings;
– Any movement of the door should be reported both outside and inside a flashing yellow light that is visible from the swing area. Signage must precede the movement of the door.
Note that the installation of automatic door of the garage is not accordance with current safety regulation which is prohibited. Judicial police officers or officials of the state will be responsible for ensuring compliance with safety rules.

Install a garage door – the safety rules to be respected

Garage doors are doors, gates and manual or motorized barriers that are intended to be installed in areas accessible to people. The main use must be to allow access for goods and vehicles accompanied or driven by persons in industrial and commercial premises or in garages in residential areas.

To install an automatic garage door, observe safety rules and mandatory standards is a must. The goal is to avoid accidents (e.g. jamming or crushing a person between the door and the wall). There have been many cases in the 1990s. Also, automatic garage doors cannot be sold unless they bear the CE marking. This indication shows that the holder complies with the rules of the European standard “EN 13241-1” and that an independent organization has verified compliance.


Installation and maintenance

Existing facilities must meet the standards in force at the time of installation. The regulation will be different depending on whether the door was installed before or after 7 January 1992. For a door installed before January 7, 1992, it is necessary among other things, mandatory equipment as a system that allows stopping movement or limiting its strength when a person is injured; signaling movement of the door by a flashing amber light; a control system of the door that is voluntary and personal. The clearance volume of the door must be properly informed and the clearance area should be marked on the ground.

For a station installed after January 7, 1992, must include many others rules which has been mentioned above.
Therefore, for each installation, it is advisable to call in a professional. The automatic doors owners‘obligation to maintain and check them regularly. The strength of support its control opening and closing; operation, the presence and the willingness of the security features.

Again, Note all interventions in a booklet of maintenance. The non-compliance is punished. Thus, those who put on the market a product not in conformity and CE marking will be able to face criminal prosecution. If there is any accident, the victim may request the professional who installed the door the payment of damages. Finally, the producer may be liable for defective products.


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