Choose a petrol lawnmower

It sure you get the lawn mower gasoline suitable for your garden will not only save a lot of frustration, but it will also save money on a costly mistake. Gasoline lawn mowers (also called lawnmowers gas or gas lawnmowers in the US) are of three main types, cutting cylinders (often called reel mower), rotary mower (mowers these can be wheels or mowers Hover) and eventually rise to such machines, the larger models of what are called lawn tractors. For this purpose, there is also self propelled electric lawn mower. View self propelled electric lawn mower reviews

Lawnmowers seem to be classified in the grassy area are designed to address regarding the number of tennis courts they would be cut. This may seem a way of doing things well outdated but appears to work well. The formula indicates that if your garden is half a hectare or less, a lawnmower would be okay for your needs.

What kind of finish is what you want in your garden?

Assuming your garden is under half a hectare, so it is on a lawnmower yourself the following questions.

1. Do you want to end up with something that looks like a professional color output green-keeper striped carefully rolled on a tennis court on soft grass?

2. Do you have a family we all enjoyed the lawn to play and relax?

In the first case, you should choose a cylinder or lawn mower. In the latter case, you should want a rotary cutter, either a cutting wheel or a hover mower.

Do you want to collect your clippings mower?

1. A grass collection box that can be emptied into your compost heap or compost bin for compost.

2. A full accessory that chops up the grass very well and sprayed back out on the lawn to feed each time you mow.

And now there are some models available, allowing you to do a bit of both, for example, collect some of the cuts and put some back into the lawn as mulch.

What are your physical limitations?

1. If your garden is to the average size acre and you are finding it increasingly cutting a task, why not take a look at some of the smaller lawn tractor? It is a luxury to sit and mow the lawn, but if it means you can continue to work independently without having to get someone to do it for you, I say “go for the ride.”

2. If you find it difficult to pull a rope does not have to be a problem, as there are now many models of all brands, types and price range that have an electric key start, make life easier for you and choose one of them.

3. If you suffer from a bad back or too high, you need to be looking for a model that has an adjustable handle height so that you can get all reason and comfortable to use.

Tips for use and maintenance

• Do not store the mixture for ten days.

• Clean the air filter periodically.

• Never store your chainsaw or scythe with fuel stored for long periods.

• If you use cabal Tanza, it must not exceed 15 cm on each side.

• Do not use the thick fishing line.

• Lubricate gear box every 20 hours of use.

• Use SAE20 oil for lubricating chainsaw chain.

• Keep always the sharp chain.

• Do not use recycled oil.

• Replace your mower blade at least once a year. When you cut the lawn with a worn blade, the garden is broken. A sharp blade cuts the grass cleanly and evenly, allowing the grass to continue growing healthily.

Oil is the best friend of your engine

Change the engine oil after the first 5 hours of use if the machine is new, after the first change, do so every 25 hours of use and so on. Use only 4-stroke oil SAE30. The oil keeps the engine lubricated and cooled; when the amount of oil is small risk cause severe engine damage or even melt. Note also that it is dangerous to use as much oil as little. It is recommended to check the amount of oil each time before use.

EXACT MIX: Super Nafta oil 2T

100cc 2.5 liters
200cc 5 liters
1 liter 25 liters

Hope you find useful information here. Good luck!


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