In Great Britain, there is now a substantial growth in the trend of ‘camping in the garden’ which results in large number of cheap camping tents for sale in the market. Particularly in the London area, where the Olympic Games was held last year, many individuals rent their gardens to the tourists for a modest extra income.

On the website www.campinmygarden.com, supply and demand of garden for renting are brought together. It also fits into the journey trend: ‘meet the locals’.


The website has been set up in Britain and gives no further information on the laws and regulations concerning camping in the garden or the payment of tax. But there are rules in some country. For example, in the Netherlands, there are laws on camping in the garden.

Campers are really competitive

Gerard Swart of the VeKaBo, farmers who really worry about this new development. We are much more concerned in New York on municipalities that offer free campers. Through this free offer guests have to pay a tourist tax. That is real competition where we have a big problem. ”

An exciting garden camping for children

Your children or children of your brother or sister want to camp in the garden? It sounds fun but what does it actually involve?

First, it is fun to make camp for several children in the garden. So that they will at least be able to experience fun together and lie not only in the dark. Of course you would also be able to camp in the garden but kids find it fun without adult present, so it will be a children’s paradise.

Second: the tent, or perhaps tents. Take a tent that is rather not too big but offers enough space for air mattresses and maybe some stuffed animals and extra pillows.

It’s best to put up the tent in the evening. It is cooler for yourself while setting up and cooler for the children who go to sleep in. Make sure that the tent do not open until the next morning due to mosquitoes.

If you do not have a tent yet, look at some budget shops or toy stores in the center. They often have cheap camping tents for sale which is strong enough for camping in the backyard. Otherwise ask the neighbors, friends or family.

Tell the neighbors in advance that children sleep in the garden. Otherwise they think burglars are active when the kids turn on flashlights.

You should put up the tent and set your socializing with the children. Put airbeds, comforter or sleeping bag, extra pillow and some hugs in it. Provide flashlights, comic books and some games so they do not get bored.

Hang colored lanterns in the tree care for lighting at night and also for the atmosphere.

Safety while camping

Garden lanterns ensure that the garden is well lit because the children can go inside to pee at night. And it is also useful for you to keep an eye on things from your bedroom window. For the cosines and safety you should let the dog sleep in the yard. The children find fun and so does the dog. Make sure that the water bowl is placed outside.

Of course the back door should be the locked and place inside some lamps. Children sometimes find it a bit too exciting. Camping in the garden will make them happy! What remains is a well prepared evening of entertainment.

Make it a nice evening by the campfire

Put on the fire and roast marshmallows on a stick, tell each other stories around the fire, and go on treasure hunt in the garden. At night, the nocturnal animals emerge. They are often urchins, snails, owls and bats. If you find a bit information from reading about these animals than you can properly inform the children and choose the right types of tents for sale.

Lubricate the kids thoroughly with mosquitoes repellent cream and give them a night kiss. Leave the children enjoy in the tent and the camping in your own backyard camping.

The next morning they will wake up early. Please note there, in the garden there is more noise than usual which may wake you up.

Have fun camping!


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