A tent canopy (pop-up canopy) is an essential piece of camping equipment that protects campers from rain, snow and direct sun light. Depending on the type of tent, they can be rolled after use or remain open. This protective cover also known as a canopy, is usually made of canvas and attached to the front of a tent, like the porch of a house. Although most tents have an attached canopy, you can make one yourself from materials you already have instead of buying one. Here is the instruction to make a cheap canopy tent (click here for cheap popup canopies for sale topics):


How to make a tent canopy

  • Adjust the tent in an area with lots of trees to help increase the shade. If, however, there are not many trees in the selected location, you can set the tent poles to make a canopy.

  • Open the canvas completely and hang it on the front of the tent. You may need someone to help keep a corner while holding the other angle and move at the same time. Completely cover the top of the tent.
  • Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the two front eyelets corner of the canvas and the nearest tree.
  • Use the measure to cut two lengths of rope, adding several inches to allow a firm knot around the tree trunk.
  • Tighten the rear half of the canvas to the sides of the tent to hold and prevent tipping. To do this, hold the rear and side to the tent corners. Tugboat around clamps to secure the canvas; make sure that it is safe and not to yield
  • Take a front corner of the canvas and slide a little rope through it. Make a tight knot forming a loop and sliding the corner of the rope through it. Repeat with the other corner, using the other piece of string.

Have one of the ropes holding the corner and walk to the nearest tree. Tie the rope as high as you can around the tree trunk so that the canopy is up, allowing you to easily stand under it. Pull it taut and tie by a knot. Repeat with the other corner.

  • Dig a small hole with diameter of three to four inches, the hole is deep in the exact center of the front of the store with a hand shovel or a stick. Place the pole in the hole. This posture will support the canopy and allow any rainwater slipping out of it, preventing yield due to the extra weight.

Tips & Warnings

To erect your canopy if there are no trees nearby, dig two holes in the ground in front of the camp and place two tent poles in them firmly. Extend ropes tied to the eyelets of the corner of the canvas and tie them firmly.

Installation instructions for a tent canopy by Greatland

Greatland Outdoors produced a series of products for budget conscious. Among these products are temporary shelters of the company, sold through Target. Greatland Outdoor uses its “Insta Set” poles which are attached directly to the fabric of the canopy. The canopies are made to go fast without hand tools or special expertise. Use the shelters for sun protection or for barbecues and parties in the backyard. Remember to keep the cover in its storage bag in a cool, dark place.


  • Undo the glass out of the storage bag. Remove the four feet from the center of the canopy.
  • Pull down on the legs, while pressing the locking tabs on the Insta leg housings. These are round metal buttons that grow in the telescopic legs. Remove the feet.
  • Raise the legs of the canopy, so the cover roof is tightened. With a friend, pick up the canopy and set it to the desired location.
  • Attach the guy-out lines for posts, trees or rocks if the canopy is in a windy area. Guy-out lines are optional and purchased spare parts.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure the tent is dry before placing it in storage. Otherwise, you risk by forming on the cover of mold.



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