Definitely many have asked me for advice on which model is the best sewing machines for beginners . In this article, I will give you the top tips to buy sewing machine.


The deconstructing

The first thing to know is that a sewing machine is not a printer, which is after a year broken without knowing why. A sewing machine last long, for example, the Alfa pedal out there has been running from the twentieth century.

Modern sewing machine will not last that long, but enough. Buy a sewing machine is a small investment, however, you have to link it with the pocket, but I advise you to spend it all you can. The more sugar, the sweeter, as they say.

So if you can afford it, it is better to buy the most complete one, please NEVER take the cheapest in the store, because it will not help you much of anything.

It is not necessary to have electronic controls but it is fairly robust, it does not seem like toy, because experience tells me that the most basic models end up giving problems drag thick fabrics.

What you need

Twenty stitches, reverse sewing lever, interchangeable foot bulb, carrying handle … wordiness of charlatans…… That would all have in the modern sewing machines, although depending on the type, make and model, the number of stitches may vary.

What really will make a difference in your sewing machine is that whether it can regulate the width and stitch length. We can check this using the selector spinners. The more spinners, the greater choice of regular stitch.

Normally the number of different stitches is directly proportional to the possibilities of regulating the same. That is, the machine does not regulate length or width (only one selector wheel) will have the most basic stitches, between 10 and 12 more or less. The machine that regulates only the stitch length (has two multiport spinners) will have some more variety in the types of stitches, and regulating both parameters (with three selector spinners) usually has between 20 and 30 different types of stitch. This is true in almost all machines whatever brand and type they are, because all the sewing machines are cousins.

What brand to buy

Honestly, which gives you better performance for less money? Nothing, but it is true that it is always advisable to buy well-known brands to make it easy to find the service in case of problems or need spare parts or accessories. The most recommended by reputation brands: Alfa, Singer, Bernina, Elna, Sigma, Pfaff, Brother, Juki or Huqsvarna. If you plan to buy your machine online, make sure you know what you are buying, because there will be nobody to give you an explanation about its operation, its characteristics or technical service.

In what cases I do recommend very basic machines

I recommend you opt for a basic machine if you are custom sewing always in the same type of work. That is, if you go to work at home sewing curtains, clothing or cushions light clothing for a brand, factory or something like that, you do not need the slightest option to adjust anything. You will use straight stitch forever and ever, so you do not need anything else.


When you go to buy your sewing machine, ask about:

The pulling power. From 70w is okay

If you adjust stitch length and width. Regulating the minimum length, it seems imperative.

There are machines whose internal mechanism is plastic. The inner mechanism of all sewing machines should be metallic. It consists of two bars and several axes that move when we activate the pedal. It is true that, in such a mechanism, there are plastic parts, as some roulette wheels or axles. But they are plastic on virtually all machines, and that is not synonymous with poor quality. Horizontal shuttle machines (which are usually almost all electronic) have that plastic part. But that is not synonymous with poor quality at all.

If someone tells you what the mechanism is of plastic, or something like “With this model, for starters, you have enough”, ignore them. Because they have no idea of sewing machines. I always try to explain everything with maximum clarity and simplicity possible.




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