The door of a garage must provide security, good thermal insulation guarantee and easy to maneuver. Motorized or not, it is chosen according to the garage configuration.

Sectional door ceiling

The hinged panels of the door, slide between two side rails and lodge in the horizontal ceiling.

Compatible with large widths, the door can easily be motorized.

Space-saving, it is spilled outside or inside.

Overhead door

One-piece, the panel of the slide door is accommodated parallel to the ceiling, with or without the aid of overhead rails.

No external release needed but the curtain impinges on the outside.

Overflowing, it releases the entire interior volume. Not overwhelming, it does not obstruct pedestrians and allows to park outside flush with the deck.

Good to know: easy to motorize, overhead doors can dispense with horizontal rails.

Up Door

As a shutter, the slats roll up in a safe, guided by rails. The box is mounted on the ceiling or behind the lintel.

The surface of the ceiling and walls is used permanently. Contained in the axle, the drive is invisible.

Good to know: the trunk in which wraps the deck imposes headroom of 20 to 40 cm (depending on the height of the door).

Sliding door

Several vertical panels hinged together, slide over the side of the garage by a top rail and a ground rail.

The garage is used throughout its height.

Good to know: the automation of these doors is not possible. Provide headroom of at least 15 cm to secure the top rail. However, release the side wall where the panels are going to slide.

Swing door

This door also called “opening to the French,” the two leaves open outwards and pivot on hinges (fishtail type) sealed in the mason

Good to know: these doors can be motorized, but poorly suited to large widths. Protruding outward, they are not an option for a garage overlooking the street.

Insulation and choice of materials

Thermal insulation of a garage door

The door must be well insulated to prevent heat loss, especially if access to the house is direct.

Superior thermal performance on metal doors, through the 14 to 40 mm of polyurethane foam inserted between the walls of the blades, wings or door panels.

Materials of a garage door

  • Steel: these models are resistant to impact and corrosion.
  • Aluminum: rigid and lightweight. The door is being motorized and easy to maneuver.
  • PVC: very light, PVC doors are economical and easy to be motorized, but less resistant (for violations).
  • Wood: heavy material that requires regular maintenance.
  • Good to know: various shades and variety of patterns are possible, as the tapes (which facilitate the integration of “portholes”) or the grooves (horizontally or diagonally).

Engine 3 a garage door

The choice of an operator must consider the type of door, weight or the number of operations to be performed every day.

  • Remote Engine: this equipment is used in most over and sectional doors. Attached to the ceiling, it causes a rope, chain or belt. With some systems, the chain is stretched from one end to the other of the rail and acts as a rack. It is then the engine itself (mounted on a carriage) which moves along the rail.
  • Integrated driving: A chain or a toothed belt (housed within the horizontal portion of one of side rails) allows the motor to drive the door. More compact than a remote drive, the equipment is compatible with low headroom.
  • Motor with articulated arms inspired gate automation; this equipment is only suitable for swing doors. It is placed outside to avoid reducing the passage width.

4 Safety and accessories


  • Choose a door that meets the requirements of EN 13241-1 standard.
  • The presence of anti-fall on every lift model.
  • Obstacle detection system on motorized versions (retractable or not, anti-pinch).
  • Secure gate that prevents a motorized door from opening if the door is opened.

Accessories of a garage door

For more comfort, the engine may be associated with options. Before choosing, make sure that the chosen engine adapts well to the option.

  • Gate: walk or cycle avoids opening the garage door.
  • Control cigarette lighter: the driver of the car has easily (at hand).
  • Keypad: wireless, secure and useful when the garage is the main access to the house, and for the whole family.
  • Fingerprint reader: wireless, it is a safety plus. It replaces a keyboard and avoids forgotten code problem.


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