To distinguish between the essential and the occasional

When you love to cook, we love multiply culinary experiences but also are helped by many kitchen utensils and appliances, and represent your love in beautiful dishes. In short, if you love cooking, you often have a kitchen that is full of beautiful and good things but that can spoil life when we do not know where to put them. Here are some helpful tips to optimize the storage of your kitchen.

Malignant drawers

To start tidy your kitchen, it is first necessary to look at the contents of your drawers and cabinets. Make sort between what serves you several times a day and the rest. All that seems essential you must be easily accessible so that the material used less can be stored in the highest of your murals shelves. Inside the cabinets consider optimizing space, for example by installing shelves or hanging racks under ray glasses or mugs.

Organize its work plan

Although the work plan serves primarily to make its preparations, it can also, if deep enough to serve as storage space. Also in order to save time, consider installing near your cook top a utensil pot grouping wooden spoons, whisks, pans sleeves. Along the credenza, align two or three tins to store the most used products in the home such as cereal, pasta and coffee. Finally your work surface can accommodate small appliances which serve daily as the coffee machine or kettle.

Intelligent credenza

The space between your work surface and your wall units can be optimized by installing wall units. Your knives through metallic bars can hang in there, pots magnetic spice if credence is stainless steel and cooking utensils can be hung with hooks.


Keep items you use often in an accessible location, taking into account the following recommendations:

  • The spice cabinet must be near the stove for easy access when cooking. Do not put spices above the stove because the heat will damage them.
  • Store knives near the cutting board to work faster.
  • Place a pot near the stove to put utensils and wooden spoons you use every day.

Establish work plans

Designate an area reserved for each function: storage, preparation, cooking, cleaning. And do not forget the following:

Place near one of the other areas of preparation and cooking: product being cut will move to the pan in a single movement.

Install the garbage and compost bin next to the preparation area: you can have the peelings and packages without having to cross all the cooking.

Use containers

When the packages have weird shapes, use your own containers to maximize storage space. For example, place the flour, sugar or pasta in clear plastic container with a tight fitting lid. You can track the status of stocks and know when to add this item to your shopping list.


Label the shelves to store the foods of the same type. Put in front of the foods you commonly use to avoid wasting time searching them. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pasta, rice, legumes
  • Cereals
  • Snacks, crackers, chips, granola bars
  • Desserts: cookies, chocolate
  • Cooking: flour, baking soda, vanilla, chocolate chips

5 tips for kitchen row with style

  1. Place the dishes everyday

In everyday life, we use a small set of cutlery, plates or cups. To de-clutter the kitchen cupboards and simplify the approach of their contents, isolate a lot of parts required for each family member and have the surplus and the lovely dishes in less accessible storage space or in the dining room. For everyone takes taste to set the table.

  1. Your essential utensils on hand in the kitchen

Like the wall of the tool set a good handyman, highlight your most frequently used on monkey bars and small suitable storage utensils.

  1. Diverting the furniture around without the storage function

Break the monotony of matching furniture and if space allows, mix your kitchen with cabinets or racks shopkeeper.

  1. Play nice display card in the kitchen

Enhance your everyday items by performing stylish compositions, care for the color matching and keep the functional space by selecting malignant storage accessories. It is in the detail that operates the charm of a decoration mastered and ready for use at breakfast.

  1. Expose your reserves as in a supermarket

Day races or overflowing delivery can rhyme with decoration. Simply align all your commissions by theme in empty and accessible areas of your kitchen. Having to cram everything is no longer a headache and variety of packaging, colors and logos is an asset: flash storage and arty effect guaranteed.


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