A good roast is easy to cook, even if we know some basic rules (cooking time, watering …) to make sure to please your guests.

What meat used to prepare a roast?

The roast meat is suitable for many:

  • Beef: sirloin, fillet, rump, topside.
  • Horse
  • veal: nuts, sub-nut, almost, square ribs.
  • lamb: lamb, lamb saddle, square ribs, English saddle, whole or rolled shoulder.
  • pork: net, net tip, ribs square.
  • tripe products: whole calf liver.

Roast: cooking time

To succeed with roast meat, the cooking time must be calculated perfectly in time according to their weight and shape, especially for beef that is consumed from bleeding to well done. For the same weight, if the roast beef is long and thin, the cooking time must be shorter if it is short and thick, the cooking time should be extended.


  • 12 to 15 minutes per pound (1 pound = 500 grams) to cook the beef roast. The heart temperature at the furnace outlet should be 50 to 55 ° C for rare, or 58 to 60 ° C to a doneness.
  • 20 to 25 minutes per pound for roast veal. The temperature at heart is 60 ° C for meat dew.
  • 25 minutes per pound for a lamb roast. The temperature at heart is 60 ° C for rare meat.

Roasted: user manual

This cooking method is very simple, however, requires some vigilance and good control of oven temperatures. White meats like pork or veal cooked in a medium oven / hot and red meats in the oven / hot.

  • For very hot. Th 9 (250 to 280 ° C) to 10 th (+ 280 ° C).
  • Hot oven Th 7 (190 to 220 ° C) Th 8 (220 to 250 ° C)..
  • For medium: Th 5 (130 to 160 ° C) or Th 6 (160 to 190 ° C)..
  • Low oven Th 3 (80 to 100 ° C) or Th 4 (100 to 130 ° C)..
  • Warm oven: Th 1 (40 to 60 ° C) or Th 2 (60 to 80 ° C)…

Some tips and tricks

  • Choose a dish with roast size, neither too small nor too large.
  • Preheat the oven with lightly oiled baking dish and enter the roast a few minutes in a hot oven and cook over medium / hot oven depending on the species.
  • Another solution is to “mark” (capture, color) roast (or large piece of meat) on all sides in a hot pan and then continues baking.
  • For red meat, preheat the oven; to put the white meat in cold oven for a chewy meat.

Preparation: Discount at room temperature, it is not attacked by a too high temperature, it’s difference when cooking.

First, the room is coated roasting fat: it is for example brush with butter or oil. Some meats (roast beef, for example) will be shingled (surrounded by a strip of bacon fat) to prevent drying.

Cooking: roasting meat is placed in a dish adapted to the furnace. This must be the proportions of the meat and fat does not burn in spreading. For the meat is roasted evenly, it should not be left in direct contact with the bottom of the dish. It is advisable to baste the roast frequently with pan juices and turn it halfway.

Good to know: do not add salt at the beginning of a roast cooking. It is strongly recommended to add during cooking water: water vapor causes softening the surface of the meat before entry.

The Chef’s tips

If the roast is encased, better to remove the bard 10 minutes before the end of cooking so the meat can brown.

It never serves a roast out of the oven. It is better to shorten 5 minutes cooking time, then wrap the meat in foil and leave it on the oven door or on the kitchen worktop for 15 minutes to allow the juices to be distributed well. It can also return the roast during this time of rest for even better homogenize the distribution of juices!

The ideal accessory for roasts

Using a thermometer to determine doneness of a roast accurately. It takes the sting at the center of the roast.

Choose roasting oven

Practical and cheap, mini ovens and roasters can help, but they do not provide optimal quality cooking. Better to opt for a real oven, either naturally or multi convection. It will roast the meat evenly.

Good to know: the latest generation of ovens feature has an electronic programming. Once the duration cooking mode is selected, the oven indicates the proper cooking temperature. Other models offer a system of preprogrammed recipes: choose a recipe in the oven menu (roast, quiche …), you specify the weight or the number of units and the oven does different settings (mode cooking temperature, duration).



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