baby swing

The baby swing

The baby swing is a small seat for keeping your baby in different positions during wakefulness. It is used from birth until the age of 6-8 months. The baby is convenient in the first months of the child to feed him, rock him or amuse him during the awakening phase. Easily transportable, you can bring it with you when you change room or when you go with family or friends.

The 4 criteria to choose the baby swing


A baby needs comfort and security – The two conditions that can not be separated. Thus, the swing for your baby must conform to safety standards EN 12790 and / or be marked “consistent with security requirements.”

To fulfill security obligations, a good baby swing must provide a stable and solid chassis. To conduct the audit, it is recommended to open and fold it several times to see if there is the risk of pinching or not.

The safety of your baby also depends on the ability of the recliner to bear his weight. If the majority of these swing offers to carry a baby around 9 kilos, others may well go beyond that margin.

Finally, to avoid tilting the backrest, a safety belt will be essential, when you opt for a rocker baby swing. For this criteria, it is advisable to opt for a baby swing reviews.

Tilt and stability

For children aged 0 to 12 months maximum, the baby swing generally has three objectives: sit and lay the baby comfortably, allowing him to enjoy its environment and give her food to her 6 months. Therefore, for the comfort of the baby, the baby swing must offer three tilt positions or at least to know: sitting, semi-sitting and lying.

The best swing is one that allows you to rock the baby when your arms are tired. For this, the swing should be like a cocoon for the baby. Make sure that the baby swing does not post any risk of falling. For the same reason, you must attach the straps and use shims to have a well-balanced baby swing. A 5-point harness is preferably a safety support.


Want to relax in the garden? Allow sunscreen to put your child away from the sun and you can also think of a small umbrella to put on the sunbed toddler vote.

The childcare market offers some chairs with a reducing cushion, integrated music box or a gaming ark to amuse the baby. Even the most sophisticated ship a vibration system to take over when you are tired of rocking the baby.

Maintenance and congestion

Having a baby should be synonymous with hygiene. Otherwise, you become a faithful subscriber pharmacies and pédiatries. In this case, the cover of the sunbed must be removable and machine washable or hand. This, for perfect hygiene baby. Attention this is to check because all beds are not removable.

To save space, the sunbed must be folded, provide easy storage and transport. It is possible that you carry the deck chair with the baby inside. So for convenience, see if it is provided with handles or grips.

Tips for choosing a baby swing

The baby swing should be comfortable for your baby. He must possess a head hugger and seat should be padded and soft. It is preferable that the baby swing can incline to allow your child to change his position: sitting position when awake and lying when he falls asleep.

Check the efficiency of the locking system when changing position. Be sure to choose a secure model to prevent you and your fingers from pinching the baby. The baby swing must be fitted with an adjustable safety harness so your baby can not slip and fall. The swing option is handy to calm when your child cries or when trying to sleep. There are folding chairs to facilitate its storage in a corner of the house or in the trunk of your car when traveling. The lightness of the recliner can also be an asset. Some chairs come with accessories that allow your child to have fun. They can, for example, have a play arch shapes and provided with small stuffed animals that will entertain your baby, or a small machine for playing a melody rock. For a healthy option, prefer removable chairs and machine washable, it will help you maintain the swing.


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