The crime rate in the USA is increasingly shifting from companies and firms to private homes. The older houses which have been built years ago have worse locks and hinges which are becoming easier for burglars to get in. Therefore, the purchase of an alarm system in your home give a safe feeling.

Why do we have to protect our home

Being burgled is a traumatic experience for most people. Your sense of security in your own home is important. In addition, it does not only take a physical but also represents an emotional value. You can try to prevent this by installing a burglar alarm in your home. The Homeowners Association was established in 2010 as 80,000 households have become victims of burglary. In the USA, every three minutes, there is an attempt for burglary. Also, there is more and more daytime burglary. However, there are a few points where we can always keep an eye on:

  • Good locks and hinges in your house
  • Keep the windows and doors tightly closed
  • Do not leave keys in locks
  • Avoid crowded mailboxes

A timer that keeps the lights at night is a good tool.

How many alarm system are there?

There are many different types of security possible:

  • mechanical burglary alarms
  • electronic burglar alarms

Mechanical burglary alarms

In case of mechanical burglary alarms, we think of locks with a SKG mark. Especially the front door is very important. Here, an anti-break-in strip can be arranged. Furthermore, we think of multi-point locks, profile cylinder locks and pin cards. A skylight can be secured with a dead bolt. Windows can be secured with lockable window catch. If a home is secure then you can live safely in the house with the police hallmark. The certificate will be given. It is possible to get a discount on the premium for contents insurance. This is also applied when electronic alarm is fitted.

Electronic burglary alarms

There are various types of burglar alarms for sale and it is important for you to be informed by a certified company. We need a key for the electronic intrusion which is usually placed in the meter in your home. It also has the keypad with which you can turn the alarm on or off. You will, of course, have the best security with both mechanical and electronic security. You can sleep upstairs but still you can turn on the alarm in the basement. Burglars do not like the bright lights. Therefore, often there are lights mounted outside on the front doors as well as at the back door for more lighting when it is getting dark. Also, at the front door and on the window, there should be stickers affixed to alert the intruders that there is a security system in this house. It is also useful to put a timer on the garden lighting so that the burglars are informed about the security system in the house.

How does alerting system work?

When the alarm rings in the control room. The key holder will receive a notification by telephone and then you can go around the house to find out what is going on. Sometimes neighbors have mutually agreed on an alarm system. These determine whether the police should be notified. It is also possible that you first get yourself a message on your cell phone so you can decide who you are going to help.

What types of alerts?

We know alerting via:

  • Microwaves: The attached sensors react to light and sound
  • Infrared: The sensor reacts to temperature and motion
  • Vibration Sensor: This sensor reacts to vibrations
  • Cameras: These is preventive so that the burglar will be seen. They also help to detect the intruder when it is captured on camera

Often you see that the front door motion sensors are arranged at homes on the outside. These are not always functional because each visitor walking on the sidewalk turns on the lights. People do not react on the signal. There should be especially the stickers that make thieves aware of the presence of security alarm according to the data of the security companies. Ensure proper security before it is broken. Usually people do this afterwards and there was much suffering can be prevented by timely attention.


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